We are proud of saying that every single step of the production process is carried out inside our company, in addition to the production of the little fixing parts like screws and bolts. This enable us to check carefully every single scissor produced and at the same time to have the necessary production flexibility, to satisfy any need of customisation. Thanks to our experience and know how we are able to give precise expert advice for the development of new products where competence, technology and quality are needed.
Our machine equipment is in continuous development and update and can count on modern technologies among which the grinding of the blades with numerical control CNC machines , the plastic over moulding for handles made of two different polymers type (ex. Nylon + rubber) and the production of the fixing parts like screws and bolts with high precision CNC lathes.
Last but not least, the artisanal experience of our expert hands, heritage of the tradition of producing cutting tools that in Premana is handed down from father to son since centuries.


Thanks to our presence in the scissors business from almost fifty years we are able to choose carefully between the best steel on the market and the strongest thermoplastic materials to obtain solid and ergonomic handles.
The type of steel applied in the production of our scissors offer the best possible combination between hardness, high cutting performance, cutting edge’s life and resistance to corrosion.



The production of thermoplastic handles in our factory began at the beginning of the 80s and now we are able to handle professionally materials like polypropylene, ABS, POM and Polyamide (nylon). The handles of our scissors are ergonomic and lightweight to reduce the work fatigue when used for a long time.
We have also a lot of experience with the double and bicolour injection moulding of thermoplastic rubber both on Polypropylene and Polyamide.



With the same high quality materials and the same passion we put in the manufacturing of our scissors we produce special stainless steel blades (from customs technical drawings) to be mounted on electric appliances, cutters and industrial machines.

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