The company DOFET

DOFET was established in 1967 by brothers Domenico and Federico Tenderini in Premana, the district worldwide famous for the production of scissors. At the beginning DOFET focused on the production of stainless steel scissors with nylon handles and industrial blades but in 2003, thanks to Andrea, representing the second generation Tenderini, DOFET opened a new branch for the production of micro turned precision parts. The initial aim was to satisfy the internal need for stainless steel screws and bolts to assemble the scissors, but very soon DOFET diversified his production and became able to offer a flexible and reliable service of production of small precision turned parts on customer requirements. All DOFET products are 100% made in Italy and made in Premana.

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Quality and Technology

Thanks to our long experience in the CNC programming we are able to produce starting from a drawing, extremely complicated small turned parts with centesimal precision for the most exigent customers. Our high-quality equipment both for the production and the final control makes this possible.   We also produce industrial blades for different uses. Our experience in the production of cutting instruments since more than 50 years combined with the most modern technologies for the grinding with computer numerical control enable us to reach the highest quality levels.

As far as the micro turning is concerned, we are specialized in the machining of all types of stainless steel: AISI 303- W. 1.4305, AISI 304 W. 1.4301/07, AISI 316 W. 1.4401/04, AISI 420 W. 1.4028 but also many other different materials such as free cutting steel, brass, aluminium and Teflon. One of our major strengths is the flexibility: we are able to offer sampling services for 10-20 pcs but also to realize production lots of tens of thousands of pcs.

In the industrial blades field, we decided to follow the continuous evolution of the market towards the need of more and more performant tools to cut composite fibres such as Kevlar, carbon fibre, fiberglass and other niche applications. This aspect leads us to specialize ourselves in the machining of special types of steel with very high hardness (60-65 HRC) among which the high speed steel (HSS).

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Quality and Technology

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